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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My gluten free journey started at the end of August 2005.

For some time I had felt like it was too hard to swallow bread. Every time I would eat it, it just stuck in my throat.

My daughter was just becoming a pastry chef, and we had more bread in the house now, then we had ever had. Some days she would bring up to 5 different kinds.
of bread home for us to try. That was the spring of 2005.

The same year my son had given me a beautiful cookbook for Christmas, it was a bread bible. I kept it as a treasured gift, but I never made a recipe from the book.

Very shortly after giving up gluten I started to loose weight, I started feeling better. I needed a little less thyroid medicine, I had small gains in energy, all within 2 weeks time.

For me the benefit of feeling better, and loosing a total of 30 lbs in about 6 months time, was well worth being gluten free.

Yes there are days I miss some foods, but I have created some great substitutes. I will share with you. I hope you enjoy them.

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